KES' Jayantilal H. Patel Law College

The Kandivli Education Society, with the approval from University of Mumbai, established KES' Jayantilal H. Patel Law College in the year 2012. The college presently offers LL.B (3 YEARS COURSE) and B.L.S. LL.B. (5 YEARS COURSE). KES' Jayantilal H. Patel Law College strives to achieve the pinnacle of excellence through state-of-the-art infrastructure with dedicated, well qualified and accessible staff. The students are ensured a very pleasant and challenging study environment, equipped to face any challenges coming their way. also, upon completion of training, students will be able to work as legal consultants in online divorce service.

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Notice Board
    Our Vision

    An institute to achieve excellence in imparting legal education by nurturing students in meeting boundless opportunities in legal profession, in respect for rule of law and responsibility towards the society.

    Our Mission
    • To achieve the vision, the college strives to impart comprehensive legal education in the legal field by creating an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his potential to the fullest extent.
    • Providing knowledge on academic excellence and disseminate legal knowledge.
    • Imparting or facilitating the students their obligations towards the creation of Law Literate Society.
    Our Goals

    KES' Jayantilal H. Patel Law College is established with main objective of imparting quality based professional education to the students coming from all strata of the society & up bringing the masses & aiming at the following goals.

    • To impart value education & ethics & to set new standard of excellence.
    • To create quality advocates & responsible human being rather than degree holders.
    • To inculcate a positive attitude & the right professionalism in each student through disciplined & dedicated efforts.